i am still thinking about the damn chickens

I took this photo because here’s how sweet and kind Jacob’s family is to us: for a while, a Thai family (Jacob’s stepmom is Thai) were staying in the little cottage we stay in who eat a lot of fish.

Not only did they clean out the fridge for us, but Jacob’s dad and stepmom stocked it with things they magically knew we’d want, like soymilk, shoyu, coconut butter, pb, special vegan flax seed oil (?!), fancy local sodas, fruit (rambutan!), onions and garlic, sriracha, and more. Not to mention the fruit grown in the yard they always put in a bowl for us on the counter: bananas, lilikoi (passionfruit), papayas, avocados, and more.
Then, they put all the fishy pots in a box in the closet, and bought us NEW POTS at Costco (everything in Hawaii comes from Costco) and told us to keep the box and repack them at the end of the trip and they’d save them as vegan pots for us.
(Can you tell Jacob’s dad was vegetarian for years and years? Only veggies think of this kind of stuff!)

Sigh. How lucky I am, don’t I know it.

Anyway. On to much more unpleasant matters.

Do you guys remember when someone said in a chicken comment months ago that chicken-keeping is the most environmentally-friendly way to eat and that being vegan is unsustainable because, I dunno, soybeans can’t be grown in New York or some illogical shit like that? [OK, it’s true that olive oil has to be imported to the East Coast—I’ll admit that. Fine.]

It’s been sticking in my craw for a while.

This morning in the shower I finally just thought of a response to it:

I’ll tell you what the absolute most sustainable diet would be: dead human flesh. Our cemeteries are full of useless bodies, taking up massive amounts of farmable space, polluting our groundwater to astonishing levels.

Humans are great sources of all kinds of nutrients.

But our ethical system doesn’t allow us to eat dead humans. So we manage to find other ways to sustain ourselves.

My ethical system—and that of millions of other thinking, caring people—doesn’t allow me to eat animals, period. So I find other ways to eat, ways that are both sustainable and non-violent.

That’s the difference between you and me, egg eaters.

Your ethical system fucking sucks.

3 Responses to “i am still thinking about the damn chickens”

  1. Pree

    I can’t understand why those who find cannibalism unethical can’t maintain the same standards when it comes to eating any other sentient being. I honestly don’t see any valid reason for eating a meal that is the product of the torture of another being. If it simply comes down to a preference for the taste of meat, then, as Morrissey said, “If you stick your grandmother in an oven, she will probably be tasty, but is that any reason to eat your grandmother?”

    • lagusta

      It’s just chauvinism of the worst sort. Sigh.

      Ah, Morrissey! Thanks for that.

  2. Dave Liepmann (@daveliepmann)

    Eating chicken eggs isn’t violent. Now, granted, eating the chickens is indeed violent, but that fact does not equate it with cannibalism or eating, say, a dolphin. Sentience is not uniform across chickens, humans, pigs, cows, and oysters. That’s not chauvinism, it’s making distinctions based on salient differences.

    And just off the top of my head, eating humans is less sustainable than eating chickens because chicken poop is good for vegetable-growing soil and human poop is decidedly not. Sustainability is not ex-post-facto rationalizations that you think of in the shower. It’s taking environmental systems into account.


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