Hairstyles 12-15. Purses. Rainbows! BABIES! and Bikini Kill.

I’ve been practicing my braiding skills.

And not buying things from sweatshops.

All I’ve bought lately is food, drinks, and a (vegan!) eyebrow pencil (YES I KNOW NOT WHO I AM THESE DAYS TOO! YOU’RE NOT ALONE IN YOUR WTFS [honestly though? I kinda like it! My slow transformation into Audrey Hepburn {from this blog I just learned that there is something called brow gel. Heavens have mercy.} has advanced one more step.]) which was made in Germany. Good job, me!

On to the hairstyles.

The Reverse Crown Braid.


I didn’t tuck my hair up like the tutorial recommended, I just let it sort of waterfall down my shoulder, which was very messy, and I shouldn’t have done it. On the other hand, for someone who thinks she can’t French braid for shit, I was pleasantly surprised to see this emerge on the side of my head:


The Braided Back Bun


#20 on the original list. I did a terrible job with this, but I think if I put in a bit more effort I could make it happen.


We went outside to take photos of it and Anandhi came around and that was that. She undid everything in about five seconds.


Alas! I might give it another go, I think I could rock it.


The Fishtail Braid

I’d wanted to work on this fishtail braid thingie for a while. Just FYI, it’s about 50 trillion times harder than it looks. It looks just like a regular old braid, but IT IS NOT.


By the end my hand was actually cramping up, and I didn’t do such a great job. But now I know how to do it, at least.


Another one that probably deserves another try.

The Slanted Roll


I made this one up myself! Make a side ponytail, then roll it back up onto one side your head, kind of like a chignon on the side. Pin away.

Charmingly sideways! Or, just fucking bizarre, which you might think if you saw a good photo of it straight on, which I don’t have. Either way, this style stayed in for hours, through kayaking and staring at giant sea turtles and boogie boarding and getting tumbled in the waves, then dinner and drinking. By the end my head was hella full of sand, but who cares.


And that, my darlings, is about all I’m willing to write about my hair.

I’ve tried out all the styles I wanted to from the original list, and the other day I found myself using up a precious 1/2 hour of vacation time—time that could have been spent drinking and reading Martha Stewart Living! (or, for that matter, boring financial crap my accountant wants me to do)—Googling around for new hairstyles.

My god, I found some crap. Like this (It’s either The Most Revolutionary Ponytail Ever Created, or not different in any fundamental way from how ponytails have existed for ages, I’ll let you guess which.), and even worse (much worse: probably, maybe, the very worst hairstyle that has ever been conjured up by beauty bloggers desperate for content)—THIS!!

I know I’m failing at my goal of 27 new hairstyles, but I have a feeling (since, like, almost no one has commented on these posts…) you’re somehow not going to die.

On to other topics!

Speaking of eyebrows, our old pal Brittany alerted me to this—Frida Kahlo’s closet opened 58 years after her death! The article says, “Turns out…she was also a bit of a fashionista.” Are there seriously people who don’t know Frida had the best fashion sense this side of the planet has seen in the past hundred years??

One last thing: the other day on a long drive I got unaccountably upset all over again about Veg News using nonvegan photos in their recipe photos. Why on earth?

How strange the rage is.

Oh, do you want to hear a nice quote, though, before I sign off? You’ll like it.

“If your best friend gets it, that’s all that matters.” -Kathleen Hanna


Here’s something I bet your bestie would tell you to get (I know mine would, Reesey fucking loves this kind of shit): look at these awesome purses made from vintage fabrics I found in a shop the other day! I’m planning on saving my pennies for one—even though the word “purse” kind of makes me queasy. But the big ones are big enough that I think I could almost use it as an everyday bag. Nice, no?

See ya!

10 Responses to “Hairstyles 12-15. Purses. Rainbows! BABIES! and Bikini Kill.”

  1. d.bear

    Above all, thank you for the rainbow picture. Words cannot express how much I needed to see that.

  2. adriennefriend

    The fishtail braid looks gorgeous! And you are right, it is so much more difficult than a regular ol’ braid. I always feel sexy in a fishtail…

  3. Eve

    You’re so gorgeous! These how to’s are just wonderful. I noticed in the picture that you’re shaving your underarms now! What’s up with that? Do tell.

    • lagusta

      Oh, the world of blogging! Someone you’ve never met asking you about your underarms! It’s funny, I never made a decision to do it or not, sometimes I get all energized in the shower and go on a shaving binge for kicks. No political statement about it or anything… Where are you at with the whole thing?

  4. Eve

    Yeah, too funny! Nice to meet you too! I love reading your blogs; the way you write, and what you write about; your attitude and observations about so many subjects. I always say, “right on sister!” We’re on the same page.

    You’re so beautiful! I love the way you dress, etc. and when I had seen that you have no trouble wearing sleeveless tops and you kept your underarms natural, I thought that just rocked! So, I was a little shocked, and had to do a double take, when it looked like you had shaved.

    I had always hated shaving my pits. I don’t like the look of it or the feel. Shaved pits always felt slimy and gross (don’t mean to get too graphic). I love being natural. You actually “sweat less” unshaved than you do shaved. Hair wicks perspiration away. It’s the body’s natural cooling system. There’s more surface area for moisture to evaporate. I’m sure that you have noticed this now, eh?

    Keeping your underarms natural is healthier for you too. I only use soap and water every day. No chemicals of any kind. Anything you apply will prohibit the hairs’ wicking function. If you shave, anything you apply WILL get absorbed into the skin. Hair prevents toxins from getting in, and helps the body detoxify itself.

    Ever since women started to shave and apply chemicals (which if they left the hair there they wouldn’t need chemicals to do what the hair would), breast cancer has had a direct, linear increase in women.

    One last thing. Diet plays a big role as well. I am vegan. I never stink, thank you very much.

    So, here’s to you, throw away that razor, and rock those pits again L!

  5. lagusta

    I hear ya.

    Sometimes I just think I want an excuse to stay in the cozy warm shower longer, to be honest.

    Right on to you too, my friend!


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