Outfit diary! Hello!


I saw these ’80s legwarmers on Etsy, and bought them just because they went with this sweater. Ridiculous. The sweater is from the ’40s or something, I got it in an antique store as a graduation present to myself the day I graduated college, lo these 12 or something years ago.

Holy crap.

That means I’m like 12 years older than most of my employees. Why have I never thought about that before?


I traded some chocolates and some cash to a friend who owns a vegan shoe store for these vegan little babies, which I’d been coveting forever because they have a wooden heel! Wooden heel! How cool is that? They’re actually great winter shoes, weirdly. As long as it’s not icy outside. My big problem in the winter is that my feet are freezing instantly, but these lift me high enough off the pavement that—as I’m writing this I’m realizing it sounds insane. Wedges keep you warmer? Maybe! I swear, it works for me.

Another view of les nouvelles chaussures:



Speaking of shoes:

You gotta love vegan absolutist objectivist dogma, don’t you?


Really, I love it! Not being ironic!

The next day:



I invented a hairstyle that I liked that day: a pouf (kinda Elaine style) in the front and a low bun in the back. Good for work, but not too blah.

IMG_7136 Here’s more of a front view:




6 Responses to “snazzy”

  1. bitsofstring

    wow – your use of plaid in the last outfit! femme lumberjack! it’s amazing. i’m always frozen, and sentimental about plaid (growing up in a small mill town) – fitted plaid isn’t an option i had thought of before. -sarah

    • lagusta

      Femme lumberjack all the way! I have two plaid shirts I got in the boy’s section of the Salvation Army, I like ’em. This one is OshKosh B’gosh, and man, it’s so well made.

  2. Laura T.

    This probably doesn’t seem all that relevant, but oh well. I’ve been a reader for a while and I was just wondering what you feed your cat and what your stance is on keeping animals as pets. :) Love the plaid outfit.

    • lagusta

      Hi Laura!

      Ok: we feed our cats meat. Organic local meat. Here’s the recipe we use, only these days our butcher shop makes it for us so we don’t have to do it at home. They actually make cat food for a lot of people I know, it’s really funny and means that I’m really friendly with the local butcher. Bizarro world. Every time I come in they say, “Ah, Lagusta! The vegan, here for her 20 pounds of meat!” (We freeze it.) We tried mixing the meat with more of a vegan diet (I think I talk about this in the post? I dunno, it’s really old), but our male cat prone to UTIs, Sula, got pretty messed up from it. A raw meat diet mixed with some greens and garlic and nutrition supplements seems to mimic what they’d get in the wild most closely, and that’s what I feel most comfortable feeding them.

      Here’s the recipe:

      My stance on pets. Hmm. I think we shouldn’t have domesticated animals, but we did, and now we have a responsibility toward them. It’s an imperfect situation, keeping them like we do, but we’re pretty much screwed at this point, you know? What do you think?


    • lagusta

      You see my point? Yeah! Everyone else laughs at me when I try to explain it. Wedges FTW, man.


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