I really like my hiking boots.


I really like my hiking boots.


Doubtless they were made in a sweatshop, but can you find ones that aren’t?

Really, can you? Please?

These are vegan and nice. I bought them last year and they’ve held up on 30 or so small and not-so-small Hawaii jaunts. These were hard to find, I think I got them on eBay. They’re Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Max WPis, apparently.

Wow, what a string of words to describe a shoe.


Jacob’s are next to mine in this photo, his are nice too. Vegan, too. If you’re interested, I can ask him to tell me the brand. We did a really long and headache-making Google search to find decent hiking boots, so I figured I’d tell the internet about the ones we found in case it helps someone out.


Woo vegan hikers woo.

IMG_7738PS: Are you wondering why I’m blogging so much, seeing as it’s February and I’m a chocolatier and all? I wrote all these blogs weeks ago and scheduled them! Are you in awe of my dazzling brilliance? I am!

Also right now as you are reading this I am mostly likely December-level exhausted, so please give a thought to this poor cold chocolate-maker, so so so not standing happily on a mountain, unless that mountain is made of packing peanuts or something.

On the other hand, right now as you are reading this I am most likely eating something delicious, so, really, don’t worry so much about me. I’m going to be fine. Turtles are nearby, doubtless.

5 Responses to “I really like my hiking boots.”

  1. Meghan

    Oh man, oh man,oh man! If they make these with steel toes, I will be the happiest little blue-collar vegan in the world. It’s really hard to find a good pair of vegan safety shoes.

  2. Rachel Creager Ireland

    Oh, you’re so on top of things. I have seen some very cool-looking non-sweatshop shoes, for under $1000/pair, but decidedly NOT vegan. Apparently the old-world craftsmen (cause are there any women in the non-sweatshop shoe factory? Probably not) can’t lower themselves to work with anything other than chemical-soaked skin of a dead cow.

    • lagusta

      Ooh, thanks for the tip! I love them, never noticed they make hiking books!


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