Women’s Day rage

Well, to start. That photo of me in the yellow shirt right there cropped terribly and I can’t figure out why it’s only showing half the photo, but WHO CARES THERE’S A LIMIT TO HOW MUCH I CAN FUCK AROUND WITH INTERNET CRAP TODAY! So. Sorry about that.

I woke up in a crazy rage the other day (unlike today when, as you can see, I’m PERFECTLY CALM.).

First of all, I have this mysterious weird blinding-pain spot on my side (right above my hip bone, below my boob, on my left side [Jacob thought maybe it was my appendix, but apparently that’s on your right], if you care to attempt to diagnose a health-care deprived little old chocolatier)—it has no outward manifestations of bruising or burning (sounds weird, but I actually burn that spot fairly often by resting oven-hot trays on my hip) but it sort of makes me faint with pain whenever it’s pressed. Not that I ever really press on that spot, except for the million times a day I poke it to see if it still hurts.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, my Facebook feed was blowing up with people posting old-timey photos of random women and wishing each other Happy International Women’s Day.

It made me crazy, so I wrote this, which my amazing pal Kate snagged for her blog (which happens to be a wonderful brand-new blog you should be reading).

And also, I had to buy a mop bucket made in China (USA mop though!).

Oh yeah, then this happened. Tell you about that later.

MY LIFE IS HELL YOU GUYS! First an inadequately political Facebook feed, then an imperfect mopping situation, then people coming to interview and photograph me for hours!

Honestly I don’t even know how I’m even still alive today.

On the other hand, my upside down French braid bun skills are really shaping up.

photo 1

The problem with this hairstyle that you’re always walking around saying “DUDES! DO YOU EVEN SEE THAT I FUCKING FRENCH BRAIDED MY HAIR UPSIDE DOWN TODAY???”

Which tends to make your co-workers crazy after a while.

13 Responses to “Women’s Day rage”

    • lagusta

      Argh, you think so?? Oy vey. You mean I shouldn’t just ignore this? Hmm…I’ll google around.

  1. lagusta

    Seems more on my side than a kidney stone would be…but I’ll keep monitoring it to make sure. Thank you, Ann!

    • Ann

      I certainly hope it’s none of these things. And all us commentators are probably gravitating to the things that have happened to us. And yeah, if it’s really on the side, then it’s probably not a kidney stone. But just to give you more info on them: if you think that’s what it is, don’t let a doc tell you that if you have no back pain, it can’t be a stone. Once it has moved past the kidney, into the ureter, the pain can be more, or only, in the front. I never had back pain, but I did have a stone–one too large to pass on my own–and the pain in the front was like nothing I have ever felt before. The problem is, if that’s what you’ve got, they need to do an MRI to confirm, and that is very expensive. They could first, though, test for blood in your urine–less expensive. Drink lots of water; that’s probably good for any condition you’ve potentially got. Other options: An ovarian cyst? Colon problems? Feel better!

      • lagusta

        Oh my god this sounds terrible! Today I feel much better and lots of pressing on the spot doesn’t make me faint, so…that seems to be a good sign. In general I have a ridiculously low pain tolerance. I sort of think I just whacked it in some weird way and it sort of bruised internally, if that makes sense.

      • Ann

        That does make sense. It’s hard to imagine you with a low pain tolerance. I’ve got a somewhat high one, I think–and I wasn’t even able to drive myself to the doc when that happened (asking for a ride is not my kind of thing either, so I had to really be in serious pain), so the fact that you are still working and doing everything else I think is a good sign. And that it’s feeling better is encouraging!

  2. zoe p.

    Rupturing ovulation? I used to have this a lot and I always thought it was kidney/appendix . . . if I had health care when it happened I got x rayed for both those possibilities.

  3. Rhonda Van

    Gallbladder. I had a similar pain. It went away, came back, went away, came back. Eventually it got awful and I surrendered and went to doctor. Sad ending. If it goes away and comes back, let a doc check it out.

  4. rhonva

    (The going away and coming back part was over the course of a few months, not hours or days. Definitely don’t be a dope like I was and let it go that long if that’s what happens.)

    • lagusta


      So I should maybe go to the dr. just in case, eh?

  5. d.bear

    Does it seem possible that you’ve given yourself an alt repetitive stress injury?

    I celebrate Poor Middle-aged Women’s Day every day, but I always forget about dancing. I’ve got to start doing the dances.

  6. Rachel Creager Ireland

    Spleen is on the left side. Could be you are getting sick or fighting something, which could inflame the spleen, you know, like mononucleosis does.
    Gallbladder is on the right side.
    I believe kidney pain is often felt in the back rather than the abdomen.

    • lagusta

      First of alldefinitely going to you guys for all my unexplained body weirdnesses in the future. The random side pain is basically gone todayphewbut the spleen thing makes sense, because I had a flu-y thing there for a few days.

      Thank you!


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