Carol J. Adams and Defiant Daughters

Feeling lots better today.

Kindly take blogs written at midnight with a grain of salt?


In other news, if you’re interested in the work of Carol J. Adams (who isn’t), I am honored to have an essay in the book about her influence on a new generation of women: Defiant Daughters. The launch party for the book was last week in NYC, where I braved an intense fear of public speaking to read my essay (I’ve already linked to photos of it on the last post, but dudes—having ice cream at Lula’s and dinner at Lan Café with Carol after the event was amazing, to say the least.).

You can also hear the audio of my entire essay here and see a little interview with moi about it in which, from the 20 seconds of it I watched, I appear to have an eye-rolling disease.

In the video I had to pee really bad and had not had any wine, and in the audio reading I had relieved myself and had had two glasses of wine.

Both activities were refreshing and life-changing.




(Oh, if you’re local, there will be another reading in New Paltz on April 13th!)

6 Responses to “Carol J. Adams and Defiant Daughters”

  1. suzanne beck

    Hey Lagusta; it’s Suzanne from Bloodroot.  I am enjoying the posts tremendously and want you to know that I completely get what you are saying about the panic.  Just wanted to give a word of support on some level.

    Also, my partner, Tess, and I are going to be in New Paltz mid-April.  I have been wanting to trek up that way for a while now and check out your shop.  After the last couple of crazy years (me finishing school and my mom dying of brain cancer)  Tess just had major surgery a few weeks back; and we have decided that we need to get some good vibes while being taken care of.  Anyway, thought it would be cool to stop in and say hi to you while we are in town; and of course will be totally understanding if you are needing space and can’t cope with too much conversation.  That being said, give me a shout if you can and make some suggestions for good eats in town…….Looking forward to buying some chocolate!

    Keep breathing s


  2. People to Know: Lagusta from Lagusta’s Luscious | the vegan sprout

    […] Lagusta Yearwood is a chocolatier, a writer, and a revolutionary. In addition to keeping two blogs, (her own personal missives can be found on Resistance is Fertile, and her foodie adventures on Lagusta’s Luscious), she’s also written for the Guardian, (read this and this), been featured in Oprah Magazine, and most recently was included in Carol J Adams’ anthology, DefiantDaughters, 21 Women on Art, Activism, Animals and The Sexual Politics of Meat. […]


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