1) Found two morels.
2) The woods cured the stomachache, as they always do.
3) Apologies for posting the exact same photos and captions on two posts in a row. I should really read this stuff before I post it, or something.



12 Responses to “Jeeze”

  1. lagusta

    Thanks for the unhelpful and pro-animal-usage links, Dave. Over here, me and my pals tend to support a worldview that DOESN’T exploit animals.

    Thanks for the link, Zoe—even though they’re chicken keepers, I really appreciate the nuance and thoughtfulness of this post.

    • daveliepmann

      No problem, Lagusta. I’m always happy when peaceful, nonexploitative cooperation between human and nonhuman animals creates more fertile soil and healthful people, such as through compost and eggs. Cheers.

      • lagusta

        HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, this merry-go-round is so lovely. It just makes me slightly nauseous.

        Here’s your position: “People can eat animals if they do it responsibly. I’m a responsible person. Yay for me!”

        Here’s my position: “Why kill someone when you don’t need to? No reason. Yay for vegans!”

        Can you understand yet that we’re never going to agree? We have what is called a FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE IN OPINION. So you shut up about it, and I’ll shut up about it, and WE WILL BOTH GO DO MORE PRODUCTIVE THINGS.

      • daveliepmann

        Lagusta, I’ve repeatedly been willing to let this lay. What compels me to respond is comments such as this, where you try to have the last word by mischaracterizing my position. I don’t care who has the last word as long as it doesn’t put words in the other person’s mouth.

        As you said on FB, we are both people of reason. Therefore I remain hopeful that there will always be potential for communication.

        I’m still curious as to your position from first principles is. (And my own, too.) But my position here is closer to “eating eggs is not killing someone” and “keeping chickens for eggs involves no more animal murder than eating broccoli”. We don’t have to argue about it. But don’t tell me what my opinion is.

        We can try to communicate towards understanding each other, or we can leave it be.

      • lagusta

        I believe that’s your position because yesterday you said in response to me posting that article that people shouldn’t get backyard chickens: “…”unless you like soup as well as eggs.””

        So…correct me? You’re a vegetarian? I guess I missed something.

      • daveliepmann

        It sounds like you’re asking me questions, but since you’ve said several times that you don’t want to discuss this. I’ll respond to your explicit questions, but I first want to check in with you. Is it OK for me to respond?

      • lagusta

        And if you’re not a vegetarian, my characterization of your views is 100% correct. You have no problem with unnecessary killing. That’s what it means to eat animals. They gotta die first. It’s useless to debate the finer points of backyard chicken-keeping when you’re not even up to speed with the basics.

    • daveliepmann

      Just answer this one question: do you think veganism doesn’t involve killing animals?

      • lagusta

        Your question is: are you perfect?
        Nope, I’m not perfect.

        My question is: are you trying?
        I know you are.
        No enough, and you’re trying, to my mind, the wrong things, but ah well. Trying is indeed something.

        So again, since we will never agree, I again ask to stop this uselessness.
        I won’t say another word, I’ll let you have the last word.

        Have at it!

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