Dick Whitman was raped / fruit / Kickstarters. You know, the usual.

Mad Men:

I’m cooking this dinner in August. The theme was supposed to just be 1960s-inspired foods, so I titled it “Mad Men Summer.” Now everyone’s asking if it’s going to be filled with Mad Men references. So I decided it will be, so I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about the food on Mad Men. Along the way, here’s something interesting I came across. Remember that sex worker who took Dick Whitman (Don Draper)’s virginity in a clearly non-consensual kind of way? It’s interesting that if genders were reversed there would probably be more talk about the scene, don’t you think? Hmm. That Matthew Weiner. Always making us think.


I wrote that anti-juice post and then LOOK AT THIS! The NYT comes along and proves my point all over again. Fuck yeah.

Pathetic begging Kickstarters:

Also: am I totally wrong about my position on Kickstarters, as ranted about here? Because EVERYONE is doing one. People I love and respect. (And then love and respect just a smidge less.)

It still makes me sick to see for-profit enterprises being treated like nonprofits when real nonprofits are limping along, but in this shitass economy it’s so damn hard to be a small business owner that maybe it’s OK after all to just take money from people in order to make money? We’re scrimping for new packaging (we’re ALWAYS scrimping for new packaging, and always will be, because we’re always packaging new shit, because we can always make our packaging better, and because PACKAGING COSTS SO FUCKING MUCH MONEY. Thousands and thousands of dollars, all the time.)

My rules for Kickstarters are:

  • Yes to ones for art.
  • No to ones for food.

My division is because you can make tons of money off food if you’re savvy, but 99% of even the most savvy artists will never make anything, so they deserve support. Everyone’s gotta eat, but no one’s gotta listen to no-wave riot punk seven-inches. So I’ll pay money to food businesses in exchange for their items, and I’ll support Kickstarters now and then for starving artists.

Is this a valid path, or is there something I am not getting, or am I the last sane person left on this toilet earth?

8 Responses to “Dick Whitman was raped / fruit / Kickstarters. You know, the usual.”

    • lagusta

      You know what? I was just thinking, “I think I stole that phrase….” and I did a lot of thinking and poking around, and I just 2 seconds ago realized I accidentally stole it from JEFFREY ZIGA’s INSTAGRAM!

      See, Mary, what trouble comes of you introducing me to interesting people? I become a phrase-stealer!

      Or did you already know that, and that’s why you commented?

  1. zoe p.

    “Fiber provides ‘its greatest benefit when the cell walls that contain it remain intact,’ he said. Sugars are effectively sequestered in the fruit’s cells, he explained, and it takes time for the digestive tract to break down those cells. The sugars therefore enter the bloodstream slowly, giving the liver more time to metabolize them.”

    Love this scientific explanation of how bursting w goodness real fruit is.

    • lagusta



      FUCK YEAH!

      (Sorry, I am drunk on Belgian ale with peach juice.)


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