All I wanted was a little bit of love to take the pain away

Dear Buycott,

Sometimes, like when one just saw Spiritualized and it was a very nice show indeed particularly if one closes one’s eyes and pretends Spaceman is Patti Smith and even though they didn’t play “Home of the Brave” and even though come on, rock stars wearing sunglasses all the time oh come on–it was still a very nice show in a 200-year-old church with half your friend circle in attendance and also do you ever think like do I like it when the band plays the songs I know because they resonate in my soul or just that familiarity makes one feel special, closeness you and I Spaceman Patti have shared in the car up loud is now closeness we are sharing in this church with two of the three New Paltz Johns and all the others of that particular scene and man I’m just like all the other lemmings, (the Johns are not lemmings, neither are you, but–you know–everyone else) but The point.

Is that sometimes you really just want some Wavy Lays on the way home.

I got the Kettle Chips though. Too thick, those. Enacting your value system at midnight thirty blows / avoiding GMOs is one trillion times harder than being vegan. Privileged problems / choices.

Jesus died for somebody’s sins / but not mine / I sometimes have my breakfast right off of a mirror



3 Responses to “All I wanted was a little bit of love to take the pain away”

  1. Rachel Creager Ireland

    Have Buycott, but I never bother to check it, I know everything I’m thinking about buying is GMO or slave-produced.

    When I saw Spiritualized, they had such a great light show, it was worth keeping my eyes open for. But I wasn’t trying to imagine Patti Smith.

    • lagusta

      Rachel, I don’t think that’s the case! You’d be surprised by how many things there are even in gas stations that aren’t GMOs. Sometimes you find these happy surprises. Like Kettle Chips! I don’t mind that they’re too thick, so much.

      Ahhhh Spiritualized. I’ve seen them a few times now, a treat every time.


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