There’s so much I want to do. So much we could be doing better. So much we need to learn. It’s exciting to always be wanting to be a little bit above where you are. Exhausting, frustrating, exciting. I’ve now worked three weeks without a full day off. I go through phases like this, obsessed with projects, liking the hard push. I like the way a long day cleans out the soul. I like the way a whole string of them makes you feel–that wide open space when everything else gets pushed aside. Quiet.

Haven’t blogged in a while, except for little escapees from my phone.

This one’s from my phone too.

Whenever I add photos, it just pushes them all at the bottom, can’t put them throughout the post. Oh well.

I’ve missed you.

A lot has been happening–all of it good. Or, if not exactly good, at least intense, and wild, and interesting.

Someday we’ll get to all of it.


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