10 minutes between painting the molds and making the orange-cranberry filling for the molds


Gotta go paint some chocolate molds when my cocoa butter is melted.

Maybe blogging can be the thing that happens in between the other things.

Here is a photo of some marshmallows I toasted, and here is a photo of a recent outfit, in keeping with our all-important theme to be a place I can go in the mornings to remind myself of what I have worn and possibly could wear again. Romper + Beatlemania jacket (authentic! Worn by my mom’s childhood BFF Harriet to many Beatles concerts!) + checked (do you say “checked” or “checkered”? Are both OK? I’m sure there’s no way to find out other than asking blog-friends.) tights + purple leg warmers. Sure. OK.

Three things:

  • In my last post, it seems sort of weird how I blocked out everyone else’s faces with stickers, doesn’t it? The stickers sort of remind me of Yogurt the Pirate, and that is nice. Also, pretty much everyone in the photo told me that they didn’t like their particular look in that snap, and I wanted to respect their wishes to not have it out there, but HOW FUNNY DO I LOOK? Couldn’t resist. (Everyone else looks perfect, as ever, in the others from that day.)
  • Here’s what’s been happening with me: How fucking beautiful are the comments on this post? What a world, what a world.
  • Did you see this? Probably. Sorry for being an oversharer. You’re mentioned in it though, the You that is The Blog, so I wanted to point it out to you here. Pretty funny, how honest and naked it is, right?

Going to see Julie Ruin tonight! YES! Really liking their new album.

Self-indulgent blog: done. Back to work!



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