selfietown, USA: thanksgivingkkah edition

Day off! Pajamas and a lot of food, just for you and me. Last day off for a month!

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I’m bored of relaxation. Thought I’d say hi. Nothing much to report, but I do have a couple-thousand-word post about boring business stuff coming up this week or next week or so, so maybe hide from the computer so you miss that. It’s chockablock full of whining.

photo 3This is a Lanz dress. It’s the second one I own. I think they’re good for me, these cottony, structured things. The other one is pictured here, in the last photo. It’s way too tight and I can never wash it.

Bulleted points of note or—more probably—not:

  • If you want something weird / scary / snakey to listen to, here is Xiu Xiu covering Nina Simone.
  • Tomorrow is the most important holiday of the year.
  • After a long absence, I recently started reading I Blame The Patriarchy again, and it is still invigorating.
  • I CONTINUE TO WEAR CLOTHING TO WORK. It sometimes surprises me. Thusly this blog will continue to be a record of said clothing.
  • Here’s a thing: stop saying you’re weird because you like the burnt parts of things.
    Everyone likes the burnt crusts of things, the extra-crispy roasted vegetables, the singed toast.
    You’re weird if you don’t. Enough.
  • “If you can’t smile, don’t open a shop.” – Chinese proverb. Sigh.
  • Do you think Scandal is the most feminist show on TV right now? I know it’s not, I know it’s problematic (as the kiddos say) on a lot of levels (mostly because Olivia Pope couldn’t possibly wear so much white and drink so much red wine without needing a “fixer” of her own IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN DRUMROLLLL PLEASE I ALREADY DRANK TWO GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE TODAYYYY THIS IS AS GOOD AS MY JOKES ARE GONNA GET)
  • A few weeks ago I was invited to speak to a class at SUNY New Paltz (our local state school) about being an anarchist business owner. The talk went swimmingly. I thought the students would call me out on my many hypocrisies, but they were supportive and kind and we had a good chat. At one point I scoffed, in response to a comment from their professor referencing an earlier discussion, at the idea that being in a CSA was “activism.” For some reason I’ve been regretting that moment every single day during my morning shower time (when my brain feels most zingy and alive and regrets from the recent and distant past often come swimming up). I guess what I meant was that it’s activism, but sure not much of it.
  • Here are my quick notes on discussion topics for the talk, mostly inspired by the audiobook of Two Cheers for Anarchism which I recently listened to while working on December’s Chocolate of the Month which, if I can pull it off, just might be pretty fuckin’ cool:
    • so many ppl are anarchists or act in anarchist ways w/o realizing it — when we make collective actions without the help of a corporate or governmental structure. i.e. when we quietly decide that we’re all going to drive 5 miles over the speed limit and therefore no one will get a ticket for it (not best example). 
    • the anarchist tolerance for confusion and improvisation
    • zinn saying revolution is an outdated and inefficient concept and that local small-scale change can slowly overtake it.

photo 2


casual clothes // tons of makeup  (tons = mascara AND lipstick)

casual clothes // tons of makeup (tons = mascara AND eyeliner AND lipstick)

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