saying no to sweatshops / saying yes to breakfast

Over on the other blog:

Wrote about saying no to Free People.

Wrote about breakfast soup.

Am writing a post for us in this more free, more swear-y space about vegan privilege, based on a nice email a blogreader sent me, so look for that in a bit.

What else. Not much. Fell on ice today and my leg is a mass of bruises. Tomorrow it’ll be 45°F, and maybe the ice luge that is this town will have calmed down.

Kate’s new zine is out. Buy it, you’ll like it.

Making a marshmallow bunny for Easter I’m excited about.

Love you!


4 Responses to “saying no to sweatshops / saying yes to breakfast”

  1. veronica bubblegum

    Hey Lagusta! ❤️

    I loved what you had to say about the whole free people ordeal. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll never tire of saying it: thank you for your amazing ethics. Meri at sideshow also feels the same way, she always says how incredible she thinks you and your biz are! (I got her hooked on the caramels!)

    I saw those awesome coveralls you linked to and it reminded me I had a photo of you from over the summer that I never shared. It’s a little blurry but I love it!

    I hope your bruises heal fast… My ma fell on the ice too and she hit her head and got a concussion. Really scary! :(

    How is everything going between you and Jacob and Kate?

    Sending lots of love, V


  2. lagusta

    Oh Veronique! I don’t think you realized this comment was public, but who cares! The bruises HURT, man. I hope your mom is OK.

    Send me the photo!! I wanna see it! The Other Thing (still haven’t posted that blog about it…someday!) is going OK. : )

    Your comments are so sweet. I miss you so much! Let’s hang out soon.

  3. Katie

    Oh! Oh! You’re writing the post, yay! I’m looking forward to that! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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