Sometimes you think you’re not *that* far out of the mainstream but then you read this (your friend who has the vegan bakery in DC sent it to you with the words “have at it”) and realize you ate seaweed soup for breakfast, put on your organic cotton underwear and no bra, fed the sourdough starter, and are finishing up Googling to see if anyone makes organic and/or gluten-free matzo before you go foraging for ramps with your zinester xvgfx riot grrl girlfriend because it’s your day off from running the vegan fair-trade chocolate shop that employs 99% women—while on the other coast your ultra-feminist gentle gentle sweet-man life partner who was raised by hippies in the Chelsea Hotel and literally has not washed his hair or eaten an animal product in fifteen years is in LA trying to find the best vegan doughnuts and pour-over single-origin beyond-organic coffee during hours off from his job in the indie rock underground.

“Feminism has done so much damage to happiness…and the solution to this damage, it turns out, is matrimony” says this piece, but this unmarried loose radical feminist who runs her own business and knew when she was 12 that cats not kids were her future

is probably the happiest person who has ever existed & how do you explain that

6 Responses to “huh”

  1. Ann

    Maybe this wasn’t the intent of your post, but I was so excited to read that J has not washed his hair in 15 years. Can I ask–does he just rinse with water when in the shower, or does he use baking soda and then a vinegar rinse (and if so, what kind of vinegar?), or what? I have been trying various things not involving soap/shampoo, but I cannot find the right mix for long. Please, please share his secret; he has lovely hair.

    • lagusta

      OK, here’s the deal. Jacob’s dad taught him that shampoo is a tool of the man—seriously. He rinses his head in the shower with water every day, but other than that he does absolutely nothing. I’m not saying I stick my nose right onto his scalp (I do cut his hair, though!), but I do have to admit that his hair is pretty wonderful. Whenever I’ve tried to not wash, though, I hate life and my hair. I guess it’s because my hair is long and his is short, and his curls hide any bird’s nests and things. I’ve decided that shampoo smells nice and makes me happy and if it’s a tool of the man it’s one I’m happy to pay for. To each their own!

      • Ann

        Thanks for the info! Totally a tool of the Man, shampoo! I agree. Along with half the products even those of us who try to avoid them use. Yay Jacob’s dad! But I couldn’t just rinse. Scalps can be yucky. And I do like to bury my nose in hair/fur, as a rule. Baking soda and vinegar are great (better results than shampoo, imo), but when I use apple cider vinegar (which the Internet folks say is a must), as opposed to cheap white wine vinegar, I cannot get the smell out…. And smell is one of the main things I cannot stand about shampoo. Haven’t found one I can stomach the smell of happily for more than a day or two. What do you like?

      • Ann

        P.S. Funny that the thing that you like about shampoo is the thing I hate! ;-)

  2. betwils

    Wow. What a lot of drivel! I tried for years to fit in to their conservative christian mould and am so much happier outside of it, where I can breathe says this happily married stay at home feminist leftist libertarian mother. ;)


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