i miss you.

that’s it.

just that.

well i had this thing all about 250 things i hate at this moment but

ah, you know. why.

then i had this other thing about walking in nyc but it’s the same as the post below basically

then i had this other thing about women’s bodies

and then this thing about that new yorker article about the sadness of the wasted movement of radical feminism  and how it got so so polluted   etc

then this thing about how i refuse to be an upstanding business owner in a small town and what that basically means is i’m still gonna use a lot of swears and

then this thing about hating men

so basically same old stuff for like 10 years now, same old same old

it’s probably better if i just continue to work on the other project thingie for a while, really.

but i miss you lots.

so much anger sometimes, this used to be my lovely place to deposit it. now i just talk it out like a sane person. sucks.


6 Responses to “i miss you.”

    • Samitha

      All of those posts sound like something I would like to read!

      I miss your posts. A lot.

      They made me feel less alone and different.

      Come back soon please. Instagram isn’t the same. :(

  1. lysette

    At least I can paw my way through your archives. Your writing is so bold and vivid, it challenges me to look deeper and examine my own trajectory. It’s brilliant, thank you.


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